The history of my incursion into writing

The catalyst that prompted me to attempt writing came as a result of my father dying. I always enjoyed telling stories to the kids when they were young, and one thing I'd always wanted to do was write about my childhood so that my children, and their children could get an idea of what it was like growing up in those hard times back in the fifties and sixties. I realised on Dad's passing that we are not immortal, and everyone should leave something behind them so that their children can relate to the differences in life styles and attitudes towards material things as we move forward into the future. After completing "Warro - The early years", I felt a deep sense of satisfaction and achievement. That's why I write now, because I get a buzz out of it. It's akin to completing a painting or a carving project. Seeing the end product is so gratifying to someone like me, who to be honest is a bit anal retentive about completing something he starts.


Moving forward, I intend to keep on writing, painting and being creative as long as I have the mind and physical ability to do so. At this point in time I've just completed a long and enjoyable journey in completing "Warro Yo - 22 Years" which is now available in print or you can purchase and electronic (epub/pdf etc) version exclusively through this website. I intend keeping on writing until I run out of ideas.

Next project? I'm considering venturing into childrens illustrated books for the benefit of our Grandchildren and others out there.

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The Pledge.

The Galilee Legacy:























Warro - The Early Years
This book is an autobiographical account of the authors early years. It describes his life in a large, working class family home in the Black Country town of Wolverhampton during the 50’s and 60’s. It is a series of short anecdotal stories which outline some of the hardships and joys encountered while he was growing up. Most of the stories are a hoot and a joy to read, others are tinged with sadness. The story concludes as he joins the army at the age of 18 years.

There is a sequel to this book; "Warro Yo - Twenty Two Years". This is the second part of the trilogy, and covers the authors time in the British Army from the 70's to the early 90's. This book is available now in both print and epublish version.


10: 0968994008

Warro Yo - 22 Years
The second part authobiography that follows the author from his initial recruit and trade training in 1970 at the Royal Signals training establishments in Catterick camp, North Yorkshire to various postings around the world. It chronicles his adventures and misadventures in such diverse units as an infantry brigade headquarters based in the province of Ulster during the early years of the troubles. Then after volunteering for service as a ship’s radio operator with a maritime regiment based on the south coast of England, to an armoured brigade facing the threat of the Soviet Third Shock Army in Western Germany in the mid-seventies. He then moves on to a tour with Special Forces before deploying with British Forces Lebanon on the war torn streets of Beirut. He savours the austere but hard working life as a Permanent Staff Instructor with the oldest regiment in the British Army based in the City of London. And then his final tour with the only tactical Electronic Warfare regiment in the army before his retirement in 1992. If you’ve ever been in the services, no matter what country or force you served in, you will be able to relate to his experiences. And even if you haven’t had the honour or pleasure, you will enjoy the journey with him through twenty-two years of military service.



ISBN: 978-0-9689-940-1-6

ISBN: 978-0-9689940-2-3

These ISBN numbers include part I & II (now combined in one book) of what was to be a two volume printed book


The Galilee Legacy
Caught in the middle of warring factions in the most violent city on earth, Jon and his friend must not only try to save his parents' lives, but also the Middle East from certain disaster.
The place is war-torn Beirut in 1983, recently occupied by
Israeli forces. Jon Kazzi is a Lebanese-British national working for his father's bank in the Christian east of the city. Having served with the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS), Kazzi is recruited by a Christian militia, where he uses his lethal skills for years, but he gradually tires of the killing and decides to opt out.
However, things are not always so easy. One day, Jon is
informed that his parents have been kidnapped, and the only
way he can save them is by using his contacts in the militia. He must rely on his friend's expertise to help him in retrieving a consignment of unregistered security boxes. The two friends are quickly drawn into a dangerous game of survival.


10: 0-9689940-3-2
13: 978-0-9689940-3-0


The Pledge
Mal McBride, trained by the British Intelligence Service in both physical and electronic surveillance techniques, saw service with the army’s special operations company in Ulster
during the early ’90s. Mal is approached to carry out surveillance work on behalf of Jen Armstrong, an investigative TV reporter, who suspects the activities of a large international pharmaceutical company. They work together only to find that the results of their investigation would have an effect on events that could catastrophically change the lives of millions of people across the world.
Mal has to call on all his skills and abilities in an effort to help his new client successfully get her story and somehow survive.


10: 0-9689940-5-9
13: 978-0-9689940-5-4